Screamin' Saturday

It was one hell of a Saturday today. I stayed up last night making my niece's birthday cake. Check out Fork in Food to see the results. Well...I have to admit...I was done before midnight but ended up stuffing my face and chatting with a friend on the phone until 1:00am. Of course stuffing my face resulted in a sugar rush which resulted in insomnia. Then my son crawled into bed with hubby, me, and my daughter ( she's 5 and she still sleeps with us...kill me now) complaining that his knee was hurting. I think it's growing pains. Anyhow, going on five hours of sleep we had to get up early and get to the birthday party.

Half an hour of listening to the kids whining and fighting all the way downtown, lack of sleep and no caffeine really put me on edge. By the time we got to the rock climbing gym I was snapping at everyone. I managed to pull myself together by the time everyone else arrived and was able to be sociable while screaming at my kids to stop fooling around and listen to their instructor.

Then it was off to McD's for lunch. I should have ordered my coffee then but I didn't...I was starting to get tired and sleepy. Lunch seemed long...and of course, since the kids are picky eaters, their orders got mixed up and the other kids ended up eating my kids' burgers. Now, they had to wait while they re-made their burgers. McD's on a Saturday is crazy!! And at lunch time it's even crazier! In the end, I'm just happy the cake was a hit.

The ride home was quieter but there's still the teasing and whining. By the time we got home I could barely keep my eyes open...walked in the door and straight to bed. I slept three hours and then it was time for dinner with the in-laws.

I won't bore everyone with the rest but there was alot more stress and screaming before everyone got to bed. Let's just say it was hair cutting night after dinner...hope I will get to bed at a decent hour...the three hour nap probably won't help.

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