So hubby has been gone three days now and I've been able to get all three kids in bed by 10:00pm every night. Some may say it's a little late but they are night owls and usually won't go down any earlier. My daughter used to stay up until 11:30pm every night and I would have to drag her out of bed at 8am every morning for school.

I might have figured out the secret. Bring my laptop up to bed and surf and watch tv while they fall asleep. They like to have someone upstairs to keep them company so I guess I've found a compromise.

The funny thing is that when my husband is home we can't seem to even make it upstairs until 9:30 or later and then they still need to take a bath and brush their teeth. You would think that with two extra hands we would be able to do things twice as fast but that just isn't the case.

Really the only reason why we are upstairs so "early" is that it makes me nervous to work downstairs by myself when my husband isn't home. I won't even go back downstairs again until morning...and I let the kids sleep in my bed. Safety in numbers, I guess. I'm hoping though that we are starting a good habit and getting to bed earlier. It's good for them and even better for me.

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