Blowing Bubbles 101

I never imagined how difficult it would be to teach someone how to blow a bubble gum bubble. I don't even remember how I learned myself but it seems easy enough.

Step 1. Chew a couple pieces of gum until there is no more flavour.
Step 2. Using your tongue and teeth stretch out the gum.
Step 3. Pull out your tongue away from the gum and blow.

Simple right? Wrong. My oldest son, Andrew, cannot get the technique down and either blows that huge wad right across the room or makes the weirdest noises as he tries to force a bubble out. It kills him that his younger brother can do it no problems.

I'm not a patient person to begin with but my goodness if this does not drive me bonkers. I have demonstrated the technique over 20 times and his whining and frustrated moaning and groaning kills me. Perhaps it's one of those things like whistling...either you can or you can't. My husband is 45 and he doesn't know how to blow bubbles either.

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