I loOOooove a bargooon!!

My morning started out ugly but ended oh so sweet! If I haven't mentioned before I will tell everyone now that I LOVE A BARGOOOON!! Now this morning I did not have any intentions of buying anything for myself. I swear I didn't...really. I had some errands to run in the mall and then I planned to come home and clean. However, my friend mentioned that she wanted to check out some boots that she saw on sale so off we went to the shoe store.

Well...I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the sign that said 50% off sale items. I had to look twice when I saw these funky sneakers for only $5! $5!! You can't go wrong for $5. Even if I only wear them once or twice I already got my money's worth, right? I was so excited! So my friend got her boots and I got my shoes and off we went back to the car...or so I thought.

Let's just stop and look in Aeropostale. Ok...my magic number in that store is $10. I won't buy anything more than $10 from that store. Well...imagine my surprise when I saw flip flops on the counter for $0.99! In my size! I bought two pairs. Did I need them? No...but $0.99! I'll need some sooner or later...

So I'm skipping out of the mall with three pairs of summer shoes for only $7.50! That's tax included!

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