Happy Halloween!!

I have to admit Halloween is so much fun. I'm sitting here waiting for the first kids to arrive. My kids left about fifteen minutes ago and now I have some peace and quiet.

It was quite chaotic trying to get them out the door. Where are the hats? Are you warm enough? They think they can just run out in a sweatshirt when it's only 6F outside. Go to the washroom! Bag big enough? Where are your friends?

I have to admit I've been laughing more than usual lately. The boys have been perfecting their nerdy behaviour and they have done a pretty funny job at getting it right.

It's has been pretty exhausting though...

I spent three hours Thursday night making cupcakes for the kids' class parties. It's fun decorating but by the end I didn't have any enthusiasm left...I just wanted to finish the job and go to sleep. I won't even show you what the last ones looked like...

Handcrafted T-shirt Tote

I was browsing the Martha Stewart site tonight and came upon instructions on how to make a t-shirt tote. It looked to be super easy so I immediately searched for a t-shirt. Funny but I had a t-shirt exactly like the one on her site. Here is the finished product. It took me literally two minutes to make and looks fabulous.
The only confusing thing about her instructions was how to place the bowl so I've taken a picture of step 2.
I love reusable bags and this is such a great idea. A great way to recycle old t-shirts or ones that no longer fit. Happy sewing!!

Goodbye Victor?!!

I am still in shock...

My friend just sent me a link to CNN...

Victor Newman is no more...

Can you believe that?!!! I've been watching The Young and the Restless since I was twelve...that's almost 28 years!! The Young and the Restless revolves around Victor Newman...his manipulating ways...his love affair with Nikki...and feud with the Abbotts. Mind you I'm not sure which category he falls into...he's certainly not young and is he really restless?

I will most likely continue watching Y&R more out of habit but it will definitely not be the same without the old guy. I don't even like his character but getting rid of Victor would be like getting rid of Katherine Chancellor. It's just unthinkable!

Boo to Sony Executives!!

Here's the link for those interested in what happened to Eric Braeden.

The Sandwich Generation

I've been so busy lately. Hubby is away this entire week so I've been playing single mom. Keeping up with the kids' schedules and my dad's medical tests has left me this week a wee bit tired. It's funny but I had been looking forward to this school year. My baby is finally in grade one...in school the entire day...but instead of having all this free time I have been busy taking my dad for tests and doctor's appointment and I just found out my mom needs cataract surgery. I'm thankful that I am able to be there for them and not have to worry about the dragging the kids along but it's still stressful. My parents are not considered old by modern standards but things come up as they age.

My sister actually referred to us as the sandwich generation...sandwiched by young kids and aging parents. Now we are the ones worrying about everyone else...safety of our children and the health of our parents. Lately I've had quite a few sleepless nights worrying about my dad. Funny how tables have turned since I'm sure he spent many a night staying up worrying about me. I pray that the tests will show that things aren't as serious as they intially seemed to be. I'm hoping my sandwich will be filled with some healthy sweetness and a lot of meat. Enjoyable and memorable.