I love Hello Kitty!!

I know I've mentioned before that I am a sucker for anything free. Well...I am a bigger sucker for anything free and cute! McDonalds this week has Sanrio watches which include Hello Kitty. Did I mention that I love Hello Kitty? So...now I'm a HUGE sucker for anything free, cute and Hello Kitty.

My cousin called me today to chat and she mentioned that she was collecting the Hello Kitty watches at McDonalds. What?!!! How come I didn't know! Well I immediately collected the children, shoved them out the door, and told them they HAD to have Happy Meals AND mommy gets to keep the toy otherwise they can have chicken at home. Hahaha! You think I'm joking? I even brought along an old Happy Meal toy to trade.

Well...I took them to the mall because I knew that there are two McDonalds restaurants there...doubling my chances that I would get 4 different watches. So the first one had two different ones so we quickly ate and then I hustled them into the mall to check out the other McD's. I was jumping for joy when they had two different watches. Then I called my cousin and asked her which ones she was missing and ended up buying them for her too. I know we are crazy but there is just something about Hello Kitty that is so irresistible!

Now I just hope I will be able to sleep tonight...I am still missing four of the eight watches....

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  1. Hello Kitty is cool. I'm not sure why because she is pretty much the plainest cartoon EVER. But she has A LOT of merchandise bearing her image...and lots of it sparkles. So maybe that is what draws me to her. But watches? Not so much. Make it a collection of Astro Boy stuff and I'd totally be there. Fo' sho'.