Backseat Drivers

I don't know why my kids think they are more qualified to drive my van than me. They are only 9, 8, and 5 but they think they know everything! As soon as I start the car they are giving me instructions.

Can you turn on the music? I don't like that song. Can you change it? That's before I even start moving. As I back it out of the garage it's "Wait I don't have my seatbelt on yet!" Well...don't worry I'm not on the road yet. Then it's...why aren't you going yet? "I have to wait for all the cars to go by." Get to the intersection it's "Go now...there's no more cars!" Yeah...not on this side but what about the other cars coming the other way. Why are you going so slow? Well I have to go with the flow? Do you want me to crash into the car two feet in front? The people are going faster than us. Then get out and WALK!

Seriously...those five minutes driving to school are literally the most stressful of the entire day. I might have to invest in a pair of earplugs. If they aren't giving me directions they are fighting and killing each other in the back. I can't wait for spring when we can start walking again.

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  1. I have the exact same experience every morning plus everywhere else we go.