Peanut Allergy Cure?

I was watching the evening news and there was a segment about a peanut allergy cure. Could this be true! A medical breakthrough? That would be amazing. My second son has alot of food allergies and peanuts are one of them. It's pretty stressful worrying about everything that enters his mouth. Of course when he is at home I can control what he eats but it's at school or when we dine out at restaurants that always has me a bit on edge. I never know if something has contaminated his food. I always carry an epipen just in case but it's still a scary thought. Thank goodness I've never had to use it but there have been several close calls over the years.

I feel sorry for him because he always misses out on all the yummy desserts and chocolate. He doesn't even get to experience the childhood favourite peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He always cries "Not fair!" And it isn't!

I don't know why this generation's children are so allergic to peanuts. 1 out of 4 of my friends/family's kids are allergic to peanuts or nuts. Many of them suffer from eczema, asthma and other allergies. They all go hand in hand. It makes me wonder what we are doing in our environment that is causing all these allergies. I really hope that we can figure this thing out sooner rather than later.

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