Ok I have to admit that I am totally addicted to Facebook. I NEED to check it hourly if I'm home. I feel withdrawl if I don't check it more than 10 times a day. It's sort of like a lifeline to the outside world. It helps me keep in touch with all my friends and family and reconnect with old friends.

I'm not sure I understand how some people can have over 300 friends on their Facebook though! Do you really have that many friends or are they just acquaintances or goodness gracious only someone that you've just met one time. That scares me because Facebook is such a personal look at your life. People are so open and love to share on Facebook and that's perhaps what makes Facebook so intriguing. It's a window into other people's lives.

Recently there was a note that was send where we could fill out of 25 random things about ourselves. It really made me think about me, my personality, and any oddity that I might have. Unfortunately I'm not a freak so my list was pretty boring. I still love reading those lists and get a kick out of everyone's strange habits or past indiscretions. I guess these kinds of lists are what makes Facebook so addictive. And of course FB also has games and other applications that keep us all from our work, play and sleep.

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