Christmas Wreath - 10 minute craft

I can't believe I'm already making Christmas crafts. I have to confess the only reason why I'm putting up my Christmas decorations today was because I felt guilty about leaving my Halloween decorations up until yesterday.

As I was digging out all my holiday decorations I came across some things I bought from Michael's and the dollar store. Materials that I was going to use last year but never got the chance to make.

This wreath literally took ten minutes to make and looks great. I just took a grapevine wreath, sprigs of silver holiday sprays and some blue ornaments. I didn't even need glue!

Just cut up the sprigs into smaller portions and insert into the wreath...securing them in between the tight twines of the wreath. Spread out evenly.

After I just hooked the ornaments on with their original hooks and pinched the end to secure them. Voila!! A pretty, sparkly wreath to put on your door.