I am unofficially the youngest member of the Scarborough Town Centre Mall Walkers. Last week I started mall walking with my 71 year old friend. I thought I might as well try to get active since summer is just around the corner and pool season is just a couple months away.

We are aiming to walk twice a week. Surprisingly I found it hard to keep up with my friend. She usually walks on her treadmill at home but finds it boring. Me...I just like to walk around the grocery store filling my cart with junk...that's my idea of excercise. Also I have a bad hip so it often gets sore if I do too much walking and I'm not making that up...

I was encouraged to see so many seniors out for a morning stroll. I said if they can do it then I can too. In fact some of them walk at such a brisk pace that it puts me to shame. It's quite motivating to see them so eager and I am encouraged when I'm running out of steam. Hey I'm a kid compared to some of these people and it's embarrassing to see them out walk me!

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  1. So are you still an official mall walker now, a week later?