Sunday Spotlight is on me!!!

I can't believe someone actually reads my blog! I just started a month ago and thought I was just "talking" to myself. I was so surprised and touched that "The Obnoxious SAHM" gave me her Sunday Spotlight. Thank you so much. You've made me feel so validated. I know I'm not the only one out there that's struggling to be the perfect mother, wife, sister, and friend. Together we can support each other in the most important job in our lives.

I've posted my Sunday Spotlight Award over to the right. You can click on that to check out "The Obnoxious SAHM". She makes me laugh and that's why I love her!


  1. Made my way over via Obnoxious SAHM.

    LOVE the way you write. :o)

  2. Hey I read your blog too! You're not talkin to yourself! xx

  3. I look foorward to following your blog. Always like a blog that includes some laughter.