First born hits 10!!

I can't believe I'm the mother of a 10 year old! In fact I can't believe I'm the mother of 3...or the slave to 4...chef, gardener, chauffeur, or toilet scrubber. Who am I? How the heck did I get here! It wasn't long ago when I could do whatever I wanted...whenever I wanted...answered to no one... is a milestone...I told the grocery clerk that it was my son's 10th birthday today. She asked me "What was it like 10 years ago?" I told her I was alot free-er. Hahaha...she said she meant what was the weather like 10 years ago. Then my sister piped in and said "She was in alot of pain 10 years ago" Har har har...yeah...the pain started 10 years ago alright...and it hasn't stopped yet!!


  1. Happy birthday to your first born!!! Mine will be 12 this year. WOW! Time goes by soooo fast.

    Have a great night!

  2. Hope you son has a great Birthday! He's now in the double digits...I bet it kinda makes you sad...In a couple of years come the teen years...

  3. I still haven't lost any of my baby weight. My baby turned 13 in January.

  4. Thanks girls for all the birthday wishes. I'm still stuffed from our birthday feast!! Check it out at

    I'm not going to think about those teen years yet. I'm stressed as it is dealing with them now...maybe that's why I haven't been able to lose that baby weight either...eating is my solace...

  5. Happy Birthday to your 10 year old!


    Yum, can you make me some cupcakes?