March Break...Day 2

March Break day 2 was pretty much uneventful. There were five kids instead of the usual three because I promised my friend that I would watch her kids while she was at school. It's actually nice because they keep each other company and I don't see them for most of the day except to pour drinks and serve food.

Food is the most stressful part of my day. It's hard enough catering to the food preferences of three kids...try five...I made sure I had plenty of snacks just in case my main meal was a flop. Well...all I can say is that I ended up inventing a delicious new dish today completely be accident. I screwed up the frozen pizza!! You may wonder how I did my food blog Fork in Food to get all the details.

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  1. Just read this post and the most recent on your Fork in Food blog. Loved it! Honestly, you may be onto something. Pizza topping on top of a grilled cheese sandwich is really something that I am going to have to try.