Spring Break - Day 3

It's day 3 of March Break. It was a rough start getting out of the house this morning to get to my sister's place. We are staying overnight so we rushed to finish our packing this morning but of course as we headed out the door it was the usual chaos..."Where's the charger for my DS?", "I forgot my book", "I need a driiiiiink!" After much screaming I was able to get the kids into the car and off we went for our mini vacation.
It was a gorgeous day and as you can see from the pictures warm enough for the kids to run around in their t-shirts on top of the mountain of snow in front of the house. They had a great time pretending to mine for diamonds as they chipped away at the "mountain".


  1. LOL, we all need earplugs...me so that I can't hear the whining and for them so they can't hear the screaming!

  2. Mining for diamonds eh? That's really cute and imaginative. I hope they found a biggie for Mommy.