Coupons Coupons COUPONS!!!

I am a major bargoon hunter! I love coupons!! I look forward to the Saturday newspaper so I can go through all the flyers and clip coupons. Today I needed to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things and I thought I better check my coupons and redeem before they expire.

Here is what I got for FREE! Two Glade Plug-Ins Scented Oil air fresheners, two Pledge Multi Surface Spray, two Yoplait Yoptimal Yogourts and one Wisp Flameless Candle.

Whew!! WELL...I managed to get $44.67 after taxes worth of stuff for FREE!! They weren't buy one get one for free or gift with purchase...they were "get this thing completely free". I was practically skipping out of the store.


  1. Cool! I love bargains, too, and ESPECIALLY free stuff! I hardly ever find coupons for free stuff, though! Way to go!!!

  2. What what what! Free, I didn't think anything in this world is free, teach my all your secrets oh great one.

  3. Skipping? Sounds like you're feeling all better. Where did you find the coupons?