25 Random things about me....

I was tagged by Tanielle this afternoon about confessions...but I thought this might give a better insight into me. If you decide to do this please comment back so I can read yours too!

1. I’m easily addicted to things.
2. I love all things FREE.
3. I spend most of my day on the computer and tv. We have 6 Tvs and 4 computers.
4. If I’m home ,I can watch Y&R three times a day.
5. I have a very bad temper.
6. I love all techie gadgets.
7. I can’t resist buying craft books but never have time to make anything.
8. I download music but I don’t really listen to it.
9. I love eating out because I’m not a very good cook.
10. It’s so hard to throw anything out or give anything away.
11. I like having an afternoon nap.
12. Officially, I’ve only worked full-time three years in my entire life in Canada.
13. I have frying pans for big toes.
14. I’m afraid of the dark.
15. I think I’m turning Guyanese.
16. I’m superstitious.
17. Family is very important to me.
18. I’ve abused the Shoppers Optimum Program.
19. Love coupons. Bought $350 worth of stuff for only $30 in Florida one Christmas but had to make almost 20 CVS runs to get that.
20. Misses life in HK.
21. I like to eat when I’m happy, sad, depressed or bored.
22. Can’t stand the smell of beer.
23. Haven’t worn a watch in almost 10 years.
24. I’m available at a moment’s notice.
25. I enjoy hanging out with my 71 year old friend.


  1. Hiya, I have done the 25 Random Things About Me as well; it's listed under "Me Myself I"; I think I will "pass" on the other one! Thanks for your comment though! :)

  2. #12 I think you'd better not let hubbby see this in print...it'll be a rude awakening for him!! :0}

  3. Hey there, thanks for playing along, sorry to bug you again... but I have an award for you over on my blog!! Have a great Thursday! :-)

  4. HEY! I am your newest follower and I want to say that I TOO can watch All My Children AND One Life to Live ANY time of any day! I never got into Y&R though. I heard it was good! :)