WoohooOOoooo! School is back tomorrow!!

Well...we had a wonderful weekend before school starts again tomorrow. The men went camping with the boys and the women hung out with the girls. I have to admit it was nice to hang around the girlfriends for a few days. The best part is that with so many willing and able hands there didn't seem to be so much work to do around the house. Dinner was fabulous and since everyone pitched in it seemed effortless. It didn't even seem like work.

Now I am back at home looking at all the camp and weekend gear sitting in the foyer and thinking about all the back to school stuff that I haven't even prepared. It's making me a bit nervous but I think I will be able to survive the first week of school.

My daughter will be going to grade one this year which means I will have almost 6 hours to myself every week day from now on. I'm excited! There are so many possibilities. I've convinced my husband that it's still too early to go back to work but I have a new commitment for the next twelve months.

I am going to live a SIMPLE life.
  • I will not be buying anything that I do not need. I have way too much of everything.
  • I will be de-cluttering our lives of junk.
  • I will be cooking more at home...healthier meals and it will help save $$$.
  • I will walk the kids to school more often. We need to be more physically active.

This is my goal for just one year. I hope it will change the way we live our lives for the better. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can be strong.

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