What's that stench?!!

For the past three days I've been driven from my home by this terrible stench. It started after lunch on Monday and I thought it was the canned Wedding soup I made the kids. I scrubbed the kitchen and threw out all the garbage but I would still catch a whiff once in awhile. The next day it got a bit worse. I searched around looking for stagnant water in my planters. What the heck could it be?!! It killed me that I couldn't figure it out. Finally as I sniffed around on my hands and knees like a hound dog I narrowed it down to my fridge and freezer area. However it wasn't coming from inside...it was outside. Strange. We didn't have mice in the house but I couldn't rule it out. I made my husband pull out the fridge and freezer but we didn't find anything.

This morning the smell literally drove me screaming from the house. Imagine the worse case of bad breath...rotting meat...dead animal...it literally made me light headed and nauseous. I couldn't even function! I ran to Sears to look for a manual since I misplaced mine but all they could recommend was to call a Sears repairman at $100 minimum. As I always say, poor people have to be resourceful so I ran to the closest book store to try to figure out what the heck could be happening to my fridge. No luck there! Not one book! However the saleslady there recommended an appliance parts store so I ran over there hoping to get some free advice. They were so nice and explained that there was nothing that could give my fridge bad breath.

I forced my hubby to pull everything out again and we finally figured out that it was the stagnant water coming from the drip pan. Can you believe that there is no way you can take that thing out to clean!! Two hours later, a cut finger and my body so sore from contorting myself to get to that darn thing. We did our best...I'm hoping that will be the end of it...but will keep my fingers crossed just in case. I really don't want to call the repairman!


  1. EW! I know that smell! Hope it clears up soon!

  2. yikes, that is terrible. that is definitely enough to drive you mad!
    Cameron from
    Conquer The Monkey

  3. Boo hoo!! I'm still catching whiffs of it! Suggestions would really be appreciated!