Other people's pleasure....

My challenge for the next twelve months is to live a simplier life. I've been really good at walking to school, cooking and eating at home and not buying unneccessary things for our family. Instead I've put my energy into spending my friends' money. It's my new joy.

I haven't stopped walking around the malls or surfing for deals online. Instead I'm shopping for others. I encourage my friends to buy the things that I can't have. If I can't have it then at least I can watch from afar.

I've was pleasantly shocked today when I got my Visa bill and it was way below what we normally spend. I think almost $500 less!! Woohoo!! I'm patting myself on the back but I know it's been only two weeks since I started this challenge. I haven't really been tempted...although after our camping trip last week I've been wanting a camping trailer so bad!

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  1. I have been on the same kick here- decluttering, not buying junk, using up the things we have... It feels good. I am going to keep right on doing it.