Camping isn't that bad...

This weekend we went camping with five other families. It was a gorgeous weekend and we all had such a great time that we re-booked our camp trip for next year. It's a nice time to bond with our good friends and family. The kids had a fabulous time burning their marshmallows in the fire. I, myself, cringed every time they ate what I called "cancer on a stick" but they gobbled them down like they were the best thing ever.

Seasoned campers might cringe when they see how we camped but for us camping is a chance for the kids to be out in the fresh air and sleep in the tent. My husband complained every time an electrical appliance had to be squeezed into the van...but isn't that the beauty of car camping at a site that offers electricity and water? In went the coffee maker...butane stovetop...electric griddle...rice cooker. I didn't hear him complain whenever we poured him a cup of coffee or as he devoured the Thai curry chicken or slow cooked beef. Check out the food on my blog Fork in Food.

There were a few things I should have brought...
  • I didn't bring my pillow so I had to rest my head on my duffle bag which felt like a block of wood under my head.
  • I really should have brought along earplugs too because the sounds of nature kept me up most of the night. Crickets, frogs and the wind drove me nuts!
  • And a couple pairs of adult diapers because there was no way I was going to walk 5 minutes to the bathroom at 3am! I was forced to stumble to the back of my tent to weewee as tree branches...or I hope they were tree branches...brushed my butt as I did my business.

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