Snap Crackle Pop!

Snap, crackle, pop!! Those are the sounds of my body as I try to whip myself into shape during my Ten Pound Challenge. Gosh golly gee I'm not THAT old am I? Almost 40? My muscles are feeling like old elastic bands...just about ready to snap and my joints are making these weird clicking noises as I try to shape and tone my arms. How embarrassing! I don't know what's worse...that or my bra strap snapping every time I do an arm lift.

My goodness I don't know how my body became so darn old and tired. My problem was that I thought my housewife shuffle plus all the other physical labour around the house like carrying laundry up three flights of stairs, mowing the lawn or wiping down the floors was enough to keep me in shape. Why not!! Doesn't pushing that darn lawn mower make me sweat like a hog? Or pulling the weeds cause my thighs burn? Why does it have to be so hard...


  1. I'm so with you on this.

    I just recently lost 12 in my almost 2 month battle of the diet.

    Just a zillion more to go...


  2. Luv It! Right there with you girl!

    Exercise kind of sucks until you are done then you feel good...why is that? Unlike, food...I love ice cream and yet after I eat a blizzard I get a stomach ache. Hmmmm, is MY body trying to tell me something? Now, I just need to start listening.

    Good luck

  3. lose something for my... why don't ya!