They ALL know me so well...

I'm still in celebration mode...there's still one more birthday celebration to go...another group of friends are taking me to Grove City, PA to go outlet shopping. It's about 5 hours away and I'm so excited to have another weekend away without hubby and kids. It's such a nice break and when I come back I feel so refreshed...actually...not really...more likely I will be exhausted from all the shopping and eating.

I was actually surprised that I received gifts from friends and family this year since we have done away with gift giving and just opt to eat our money away instead. I guess since it's such a momentous occasion they wanted to mark it with items that I might use as I stubble over that hill.

There seems to be a theme among the gifts.

Food is the first one. In addition to buying me dinners and lunches at my favourite restaurants I have also gotten a Martha Stewart Cupcakes book. I guess sweet tooth and weakness for pretty cupcakes is quite obvious.

AND I guess because of my love for eating they are also hinting that I am in need for excercise! I received a gift certificate to Lululemon, a very pricey chain catering to yoga wear. I'm a practical person so instead of clothing that might wear out or outgrow (hopefully not) I bought myself a pretty gym bag(I hope)...or more likely a travel bag. Love the pink!

I also got a Fitness Ball kit. Hopefully this will motivate me to excercise more.

I'm not doing so well with my "Ten Pound Challenge". Happy that I haven't gained weight but sad that I haven't lost any. Now that pool season has started I hope that all the swimming and physical work in the garden will help shed some much needed pounds.

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  1. Hm... Can you make cupcakes while on the exercise ball? Then you could store them in that pink bag...