Goodbye thirty-something...hello f@$%!!

Haha I couldn't resist posting part of my scrapbook page that I made for my friend's 40th birthday in March. We had so much fun teasing him about his wrinkles and white hair...he doesn't really have any...but now it's finally my turn and ain't not so funny. Today's my last day in the thirties...hitting that dreaded milestone year tomorrow. I'm not too sure I'm ready...but ready or not here I come...

It been a great build up to my birthday so far. My friends and I have been celebrating all month. In fact most of us will be turning f$&% this year too and we are making it a year long celebration. At the end of the month another bunch of us are taking three days to go shopping in Grove City, PA. Can't wait!! Hehehe...eating, shopping and more eating. Isn't that the best?

I still really can't believe I'm going to be forty tomorrow. I'm not expecting much tomorrow since my hubby is away on business. I'm sure it will be just like any other day. The kids even have an 8am dentist appointment so I don't even get to sleep in!

When I was young I remember thinking how forty was so old and now I'm thinking I still feel so young. I'm hoping that this will be a new start. Hmmm....perhaps I should make some " New Decade Resolutions" like:

  • de-clutter and simply my life

  • start eating healthier

  • make an effort to excercise

  • smile/laugh more

  • ensure I get some "me" time once a week

  • stop being such a Screamin' Mama

Hopefully these won't be like New Year's Resolutions which are broken the very next day. I'm going into the next half of my life with tons of experience and hopefully I won't make the same kind of mistakes as I did before. Live life and experience joy! That's my new motto!


  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday!!! Not to worry about turning 40 because I hear that 40 is the new 30 and what's this about the next half of your're just starting the second third of your life (because you'll probably live to at least 120 if medical scientists have their way and thank goodness to cosmetic surgeons - hehehe). All the best!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! :o)

    Psst... I'm 43. It's not so bad. LOL.

  3. I liked the thirties but I am also enjoying the forties. Happy Birthday! Hope it was lovely. My patients always use to say, "You have to consider the alternative."