"Ten Pound Challenge" Challenge

So I'm doing this "Ten Pound Challenge" with my sister this month and I'm really keen to lose the weight...really I am...but I realized that I'm setting myself up for failure!! I didn't realize when making this pact that June is my birthday month...I'm turning 40 this month (I have at least three birthday celebrations planned already)...and there's Father's Day (which we celebrate at least twice for my dad and my father-in-law)...and my nephew's one month party...it's a WHOLE lot of eating!

My birthday celebration is actually starting tomorrow. I'm so excited! My birthday is June 18th but ten of my closest friends are taking me to Buffalo for the weekend so that we can eat at The Cheesecake Factory. It's my favourite. It's funny because we never get a chance to eat the cheesecake because we are so full after our entrees. However, I will definitely have to force myself to have a slice of that creamy, rich cheesecake with the heavenly whipped cream this time since it's for my birthday.

It's also the first time in twelve years that I've vacationed without my husband or kids. I'm almost giddy just thinking about it. Most of my friends are those I've known since University so it'll be like old times...hanging out...shopping...and eating...I'm so glad I'm surrounded by such wonderful friends! Love them so much and I can't wait to spend some quality time with them.

Back to my challenge, I know I am setting myself up for disappointment at the end of the month when I step on that horrid scale but I promise to eat healthier and watch my calories when I'm not out celebrating. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will lose some weight rather than gain.

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  1. I LOVE the cheesecake factory. It is so sinful.

    I should do something... but eh... its a passing thought as I ignore my mirror.