Day 2 Ten Pound Challenge

I've been trying to be strong today and resist any kind of junk food. It was easy because the boys were in school all day and my daughter had a playdate. I have to admit that I had a big breakfast with my girlfriend but I figured I have all day to burn it off. Greek salad for lunch and half a cup of yogurt with organic cereal. I was surprised that it was quite filling and pretty satisfying.

Dinner is always a challenge especially if I am low carbing. The kids and hubby NEED some kind of carb such as rice or pasta to go with their protein. That's the problem with the Chinese need to eat rice! When I was pregnant I had gestational diabetes which needed to be controlled with diet. I was only allowed one cup of rice per meal...that's like telling an Italian girl to only have one cup of spaghetti with her pasta sauce. It's soooOOooo hard!

I also started using my magic bullet today. I ground some flaxseed and then threw in some frozen blueberries, mango, pineapple, and vanilla soy milk. It's yummy and a healthy filling snack.


  1. You lost me at the blueberries. ICK.

  2. That doesn't look THAT good but, I am glad it tastes good to you...WooHoo..