Ten Pound Challenge!!!

I'm baaaAAaack!! I've been so busy since my grandmother's passing and not really in the mood to blog but I thought I would just jump right back into things.

It's been a rough couple of weeks. As I've mentioned before I'm a BIG crybaby so it's been an emotional rollercoaster this last week or so. My problem is that when I am sad like that I tend to seek out sweet things to take away the saltiness of the tears. What does that mean? Well...I stepped on the scale on the weekend and was horrified that I gained another five pounds. My uncle passed away last month and I had gained five pounds so now I am ten pounds heavier. Summer is right around the corner and pool season is less than a month away. Yikes!!!

So my sister and I have decided to have our very own "Ten Pound Challenge". We are going to try to lose five to ten pounds by the end of June. I know it's probably not too healthy to lose so much weight in such a short amount of time but it's worth a try. I know I won't be able to function doing those fad diets so I'm just going to try to eat healthier and cut out all the junk food. Low carbing for dinner usually works for me and since the weather is warming up I can walk the kids to school in the mornings.

I'm going to try to incorporate some excercises into my day and I'm going to call it the "Housewife Workout".
  • Every time I run up the stairs I will do ten push up off the stairs before going up.
  • While brushing my teeth or standing at the sink I will do standing crunches...I got that from watching a commercial for Hip Hop Abs.
  • Anytime I am standing idly by I can do some butt crunches.
  • While watching tv I will do leg lifts or arm excercises.

I'm going to try to drink more water and eat more fibre. Fibre is a great way to get all that food moving through your body.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I will have the self control to do this. The incentive is that if we can lose this extra weight then we will treat ourselves out for a day without the kids. Just the thought of that is making me feel like going for a jog or doing some extra tummy crunches!


  1. Good Luck! I go up and down 5-10 pounds so much that I am really just trying to maintain myself and mentality right now.

    Keep us posted....

  2. Butt crunches? Do tell!

    Wishing you well on your weight loss journey!

  3. Thanks for all the support! I learned those butt crunches when I took a ballet class in University. Squeezing those big butt muscles whenever you have a moment really makes your bum nice and firm! I haven't done them in almost 20 years so I'm not sure they'll do anything for my old sagging ones now. :0(

  4. Hey, so nice to see that you're back in blogland. Soooo sorry to hear about your grandmother passing, especially so soon after your uncle. No wonder you haven't been blogging! God bless xx