2009 Mother of the Year!!!

Imagine my surprise when I found out that I had won 2009 Mother of the Year!! I didn't even realize that I received this award until my beloved cousin sent me this link:

2009 Mother of the Year Award!!!

Check it out!!

It's just so nice to be recognized and appreciated! I want to thank all my fans who have nominated me for this award. It's nice to know that others see the hard work that goes with the "Mom" title. I feel like I've been a mommy forever...almost a quarter of my life...so it's just wonderful that I've been given such an astounding award. I want to thank all the little people that have made this award possible. Andrew, Evan and Keira. If it weren't for them I wouldn't even be a mom. I would love to share this with all my fellow mommies out there and I hope they have had an amazing day too!


  1. TeeHee. Gotta LOVE the guy with the Linda tattoo. Happy belated Mother's Day! :o)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! This is hilarious. I loved the video. It was so well done. Did someone give this to you as your Mother's Day gift?

    By far the best gift I have ever come across.
    Lucky girl!


  3. Yes, I thought this was fabulous!

    My cousin Angela sent this to me and the person who put this together has a great sense of humour! The guy with the tatoo was my favourite too!

  4. Heeeeyyyy, I got mother of the year too!!!
    Guess being great moms runs in the family! :>