Are You serious?!!

Someone up there has one cruel sense of humour! This year has been a year of colds, flus and everything in between AND they all seem to happen whenever my husband has a business trip. This week was supposed to be quiet...nothing too much planned and then my husband sprang the news that he had to go to Ottawa today and tomorrow. He told us on Monday and then lo and behold...Andrew, son #1, gets the flu on Tuesday. What the heck!!

It must be payback for admitting in one of my previous posts that I actually enjoy the time when he's away. I don't have to stress about dinner 'cause grilled cheese sandwiches would be a quick and easy dinner for me and the kids...and I can usually get the kids in their rooms and asleep by 9:30 (when he's home for some reason or other they don't seem to get upstairs until 10pm!).

Now Andrew is a nightmare when he's sick...he likes to over dramatize everything...he cries because he feels dizzy...imagines that he's got some deadly disease...moans and groans with every little ache. I guess he's learning early...isn't that how every man reacts as soon as he gets the sniffles? My husband is the same way! I love how he can take a day off from work and then really work it at home...staying in bed all day...sleeping...moaning "Can you make me some soup?", "Can you get me some Advil?" Can you wipe my a**? Sorry I couldn't help but add that! But isn't it true? Big babies!!

When we get sick can we lie in bed all day? My hubby just says "Awww....hope you feel better" as he rushes out the door. I have to throw a bottle of Advil in my bag as I run around getting the kids ready for school, drive them to school and carry on with my day. I remember once when I had a wicked case of Strep throat...I lay on the couch for three days and threw Cheerios at the kids all day until hubby got home. Wouldn't it be nice if we were able to lie in bed... recharge? I can't imagine!


  1. I can't imagine it, either!

    So many nights I've been terribly sick; back and forth from vomiting in the bathroom to nursing a sleepless baby. Men don't get it. I have VERY little sympathy for sick husbands. Only slightly more for sick kids. ;)

  2. LOL, I hear this complain from almost every blogger pally with a sick hubby!!!

  3. I would love to rest too.

    My husband is currently gone until next month so it's just me with my two kids. Not fun.

  4. You have my sympathy too, my husband is Japanese .... I feel like asian men...
    well are sometimes worse. He will run my
    legs off sometimes! Hahha! But if I am sick
    he will tell me in Japanese good luck...
    grrrrrrrr! I have 6 kids...(2 are my brothers
    he and his wife passed away in the past
    2 years.) So I am so super busy, they will
    get sick and be more grown up about it than
    my husband!!!!!
    I say we all "get sick" and act like them
    for the weekend!! You can claim you got it
    from your son, maybe if you lay it on thick
    he might see.
    When I get really sick my husband will scold
    me... don't get sick... why you let yourself
    get sick. (um.... why do you??) hahaha!
    He is great anyother time, the best hubby ever
    but he and sick anyone does not mix.
    Hope your son get better too... my sister's
    son was like yours then she started making
    him wait on her sick husband and he seen how
    he acted.... then he told her he was sorry!
    I am thinking about it, really!

  5. Hey, I TOTALLY get what you are talking about. the funiest thing I've ever seen was this clip about "Man Flu": watch it and have a laugh!

  6. Wow Rane! I can't believe your story. Sorry to hear about your brother and wife...those kids are so lucky to have you. Being a mom to 6 must be so exhausting! Great idea your sister had...I'll have to try that...the flu has made it's rounds...Son #2 and now my daughter...I'm hoping I'm not next...

  7. AMEN! I hope things are better now in your house! I think your son might be the future husband to my dramatic daughter! Especially when she is sick! Oh....the drama between her and hubby! Us, gals have to muddle our way though sickness and all! Be well!