Long Live Chubby!!!

Hooray! I just read some fantastic news today!

A Japanese study declared that "People who are a little overweight at age 40 live six to seven years longer than very thin people, whose average life expectancy was shorter by some five years than that of obese people, the study found".

Hehe...I'm forty...I'm chubby AND now I can be proud of it!! I should print this out and frame it in my kitchen.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they aren't actually comparing chubby people to those that are sickly and ill such as those suffering from anorexia or terminal illnesses 'cause you don't need a study to tell me that I'm going to live longer than them.

Well...gotta go...I'm skipping over to Costco now and scarf down a hotdog and fries...and feel good knowing that I'm going to outlive those skinny, minny skeletal models and super stars. ;0)

By the way, here is the link just in case you don't believe me.



  1. I love your posts, you are hilarious. You will very much appreciate what I wrote on my blog about "The Obnoxious Worker Outer" LOL! Keep up the great writing!

  2. This is the best news I've heard in days!!!

  3. Oh yay! I turn 40 in November and I think I'm in the slightly overweight category too...? so I guess that's good??

  4. Another good reason to turn 40 in a few weeks!