Summer Screamin' the kids have been off school for about a week and a half. God help me!! If I thought I could seriously stop screamin' when I turned forty then I was seriously wrong. If anything I think I am worse! Stuck with each other for about 16 hours a day is going to result in me having a mental fact...a nice padded room with the sound of silence sounds pretty inviting right about now.

Honestly I don't remember fighting or annoying my sisters all day when I was a child. Why do mine feel like they need to torment each other for fun and in turn drive me absolutely mad.

My oldest son will be leaving for Florida for six weeks to "help" his auntie with her three little ones. I'm sure he will have a great time and hopefully there will be some peace while he is gone. I'm hoping that by the time he comes home, he and his sibling will have realized that they actually love and miss having each other around. Miraculously even become best friends.

Um...please don't burst my bubble...I'm going to continue with this fantasy until he actually returns...


  1. Snicker. Sorry. Couldn't help it. ;o)

  2. Crossing my fingers for you! (I have those same kinds of fantasies)... We have school holidays here in New Zealand too (though it's just a short two-week break)... I have found that when my daughter has a (cute, blonde) friend over, my son suddenly finds a new appreciation for her and they all pay together very nicely. What is that about?? He's only 6!!