Week with the girls...ahhhhhhh....

My sisters and I have been trading kids over the summer. I sent my oldest to Florida for six weeks (hallelujah!!) and then my middle son went to Orillia for a week of camp with my other sister's kids(double hallelujah!!). I have been able to breath a little easier over the summer but it's still been quite busy with out of town friends.

This week I have my sister's daughter over and my middle son went home with her. Can I just tell you what a difference it is to have two little girls at home as opposed to any other combination of children such as one girl/one boy or two boys.

I can honestly say I haven't heard a peep out of them all day. They play together all day without an argument or fist fight! Not completely shocking because my sisters and I played relatively well together when we were young. I wouldn't mind keeping my niece for another week but I don't think my sister would agree since that would mean she would be stuck with the boys. She has already got dibs for the girls for next year. I'm going to catch up on housework and sleep this week and treat the girls to some special activities...to be determined...

It just so happens that my husband has a business trip for two days this week but will I be doing the usual complaining? Nope.

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  1. That sounds like a great idea. I ought to trade my kids too but I doubt anyone would want them over!!