Springtime Surprise!

I've been so wrapped up with family things the last two weeks that I didn't even notice what was going on around me. I was so surprised when I walked around the house and found so many tulips had bloomed. It certainly cheered up my afternoon. The tulips were inherited from the previous homeowner and they were avid gardeners. I mistakenly pulled everything out of the garden the first spring after we moved in. I bet I pulled out hundreds of dollars of perennials. Booo hooOoooo! My neighbours used to say how our home USED to be the best landscaped house in the neighbourhood...um...until we moved in....
Can't wait to get my hands dirty and start my gardening. It's a great way to escape and just concentrate on turning the dirt and watching new life start. I can't say what my garden will look like in the summer but it's the most beautiful in the spring.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! :o)

    I have a brown thumb. :o(

  2. Those are the wonderful suprises! Glad to see you took pics! Happy Monday! Ps. I have a brown thumb too...I am suprised that I keep my kids healthy! lol!

  3. Oooh! Gotta love the tulips! Lovely!!
    Love your blog! I read every post!
    I think you are sweet and a very fun
    momma! Your kids are super cute too!
    Loads of love to ya!

  4. The tulips are lovely! Don't feel bad about pulling out the perennials, I have trouble telling mine from the weeds until they bloom, and I planted them!