She's a big girl now!

I've been a very very bad mommy...I've let our daughter sleep with us from the very first day home from the hospital. Being an exhausted mommy of three it was just so much easier to have her next to me...that way I didn't have to get out of my warm bed to get her in the middle of night. In the end I breastfed her the longest...over two years...more of a convenience to me than a benefit for her.

Last night as she lay in our bed she exclaimed to her daddy that she wanted him to take her to her own bed. I was surprised because she has never asked and I've never insisted. We would occasionally bring her to her own bed once she was asleep but she has never willingly lay in her own bed and fallen asleep by herself. I was shocked. I guess my little baby is growing up....sniff...sniff...

I'm going to miss snuggling with her but I guess it's time to let go. She is FIVE after all...she's no longer mommy's baby...she's a big girl now.

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