Moody Monday

I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post. It's been crazy around here! Look at the weather today!! It was ugly this morning!! Wet snow and wind. Who knew that this could happen in April.
I've been so busy getting ready for my girlfriend's visit. She is here from Florida and we have been on an eating binge since her arrival. You can see where we've been and eaten so far on Fork in Food.

The kids have also been home since Friday and they are home "sick" today. It's probably from the late night on Saturday when my friends came over for potluck poker but it ended up as just eating...eating...and more eating... The kids were up way past midnight and then up early on Sunday. I am also feeling pretty tired so it wasn't a tough decision to let the kids stay home the noise level rises the more inclined I am to send them back to school in the afternoon.

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