Child's eye view...the horror!!

So I was downloading the pictures from my son's birthday party the other day and to my horror I found some pics that my daughter took while I was baking cupcakes. Now is this what she sees when she comes up behind me?!!! I know that the camera usually adds 10 pounds but IS THIS REALLY WHAT SHE SEES?!! If so then I am truly going to hit the gym. might just be camera angle...or the flash makes my butt glow bigger...AND definitely, for sure, she's standing too close...

Normally I wear black so I'm going to hope that my behind doesn't really look like I'm wearing a Depends undergarment...


  1. Just browsing through blogs, ran across yours and read your latest...I about died with laughter! My girls do the same thing but usually the pics include extreme close-ups of their nostrils or eyes. I have yet you find any of me in that "view" and hopefully I never will. You handled it well!

  2. My step son did something similar... except it was a picture of the FRONT of me. Needless to say those jeans are now in the garbage and a new pair purchased to combat the evilness of the dreaded camel toe. Decided NOT to post the picture on my blog! ROTF. Great post. This made me chuckle.

  3. hahaha! thats beautiful! lol your blog is awesome!