Happy Halloween!!

I have to admit Halloween is so much fun. I'm sitting here waiting for the first kids to arrive. My kids left about fifteen minutes ago and now I have some peace and quiet.

It was quite chaotic trying to get them out the door. Where are the hats? Are you warm enough? They think they can just run out in a sweatshirt when it's only 6F outside. Go to the washroom! Bag big enough? Where are your friends?

I have to admit I've been laughing more than usual lately. The boys have been perfecting their nerdy behaviour and they have done a pretty funny job at getting it right.

It's has been pretty exhausting though...

I spent three hours Thursday night making cupcakes for the kids' class parties. It's fun decorating but by the end I didn't have any enthusiasm left...I just wanted to finish the job and go to sleep. I won't even show you what the last ones looked like...

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  1. Exactly how many of those cupcakes did you have to make? Gulp.