Goodbye Victor?!!

I am still in shock...

My friend just sent me a link to CNN...

Victor Newman is no more...

Can you believe that?!!! I've been watching The Young and the Restless since I was twelve...that's almost 28 years!! The Young and the Restless revolves around Victor Newman...his manipulating ways...his love affair with Nikki...and feud with the Abbotts. Mind you I'm not sure which category he falls into...he's certainly not young and is he really restless?

I will most likely continue watching Y&R more out of habit but it will definitely not be the same without the old guy. I don't even like his character but getting rid of Victor would be like getting rid of Katherine Chancellor. It's just unthinkable!

Boo to Sony Executives!!

Here's the link for those interested in what happened to Eric Braeden.

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  1. I love Y&R!!!
    I did not know they were getting rid of Victor...That totally sucks.
    I hate that Nick and Sharon's baby was given away....It makes me so angry! I guess, it is the mom in me...I hope they let Sharon and Nick find out soon...VERY SOON!